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For creative entrepreneurs and brave organizations, I offer:

  1. comprehensive development plans

  2. group sessions: guest speaker, workshop, or team facilitation

  3. one-time consultations or assessments

I would be delighted to serve as your design partner as you plan for the changing landscapes you are navigating. Whether you are looking for a brilliant brainstorm, a sounding board or a guide, I can meet you where you are and deliver movement. I promise to bring you valuable creative insights along with my open curiosity, honesty and encouragement.

Development Program
Guest Speaker - Workshop Event - Group Facilitation
Consultation or Assessment


Workshop Event -or- Group Facilitation Topics

Boards of Directors | Leadership Teams | Professional Associations | Teaching & Learning Groups | Meetups & Mixers

  • Value Proposition - What am I providing in terms of value? What value does this team, membership, product or experience provide?

  • Organizational Development - What are our stories? What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats? What is our culture and how do we care for it?

  • Strategic Decision Making - How do I define my opportunity costs? What is my role in terms of strategy execution? Why and how do we make decisions?

  • Organizational Effectiveness - Which objectives and key results produce progress? What data do I need to understand my success? How do I create a dashboard and visualize my organization?

  • Business Model Innovation - What is my business plan and can I draw a concept model of my operations? What will people want and need in the future, and are we change ready?

  • Storytelling for Business - How do my stories influence who and what am I attracting? Why do customers, members, or partners choose me? What stories support my brand?

  • Talking About Yourself Professionally - Why it’s so hard and how to get better at it.

  • (+more…what are you looking for?)

Guest Speaker Topics

  • Q&A session with NKG

  • I’ll try anything once : What disability can teach us about risk analysis.

  • Witches, Peasants & Whores : What the opera stage taught me about diversity and inclusion.

  • Dogma & Data Science : What’s the connection?

  • (+more…what are you looking for?)

Development Program - Elements May Include

  • ecosystem model, current state analysis

  • mission, values, priorities

  • organizational effectiveness, governance, leadership

  • program management, development

  • market innovation, brand differentiation

  • change cycles, transformation, succession

  • social capital, growth and innovation strategy

  • future state visioning, gap analysis

  • planning, systems, tools and methods

  • short and long-term strategy development

  • learning, engagement and culture

  • story crafting, telling, sharing

  • stakeholder relationships, customer insights

  • strategic communications, generative writing

  • professional voice development