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For creative entrepreneurs and brave organizations, I offer:

  1. comprehensive development plans

  2. group sessions: guest speaker, workshop, or team facilitation

  3. one-time consultations or assessments

I would be delighted to serve as your design partner as you plan for the changing landscapes you are navigating. Whether you are looking for a brilliant brainstorm, a sounding board or a guide, I can meet you where you are and deliver movement. I promise to bring you valuable creative insights along with my open curiosity, honesty and encouragement.

Development Program
Guest Speaker - Workshop Event - Group Facilitation
Consultation or Assessment


“Mini-MBA” Workshop Event -or- Group Facilitation Topics

Boards of Directors | Leadership Teams | Professional Associations | Teaching & Learning Groups | Meetups & Mixers | Lunch & Learn

  • Value Proposition - What am I providing in terms of value? What value does this team, membership, product or experience provide? How do I define success?

  • Strategy, Ecosystem & Environment - How are we positioned as players in the greater picture of our work, and can we draw a concept model of it? What external relationships are vital for our success? Which factors around us impact our objectives, and how do we steer this ship through changing landscapes?

  • Organizational Development - What are our capabilities and potentials? How do we tell stories? What is our culture and how do we care for it? What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats? How do we learn and evolve collectively?

  • Strategic Decision Making - Why and how do we make decisions? How do I define my opportunity costs? What is my role in terms of strategy execution? What does the concept model of our reporting lines and decision rights look like?

  • Organizational Effectiveness - Which objectives and key results produce progress? What data do I need to understand my success? How do I create a dashboard and visualize my organization?

  • Business Model Innovation - What is my business plan and can I draw a concept model of my operations? What will people want and need in the future, and are we change ready?

  • Storytelling for Business - How do my stories influence who and what am I attracting? Why do customers, members, or partners choose me? What stories and images support my brand?

  • Talking About Yourself Professionally - Why it’s so hard and how to get better at it.

  • (+more…what are you looking for?)

Guest Speaker Topics

  • Q&A session with NKG

  • I’ll try anything once : What disability can teach us about risk analysis.

  • Witches, Peasants & Whores : What the opera stage taught me about diversity and inclusion.

  • Dogma & Data Science : What’s the connection and why should we care?

  • (+more…what are you looking for?)

Development Program - Elements May Include

  • ecosystem model, current state analysis

  • mission, values, priorities

  • organizational effectiveness, governance, leadership

  • program management, development

  • market innovation, brand differentiation

  • change cycles, transformation, succession

  • social capital, growth and innovation strategy

  • future state visioning, gap analysis

  • planning, systems, tools and methods

  • short and long-term strategy development

  • learning, engagement and culture

  • story crafting, telling, sharing

  • stakeholder relationships, customer insights

  • strategic communications, generative writing

  • professional voice development