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Every success story begins with trust.

Reach out today to book a complementary conversation. I do meetings and coachings in person, by phone or video streaming.

Q: What is it like to get started?

I begin with a holistic analysis of the client’s current situation. They tell me their story and I ask lots of good contextual questions, perhaps do some graphic illustration and concept modeling. Together we explore goals, topics and scenarios, connecting the dots, and through an easy, laser-focused conversation the narrative emerges—their next steps are clear.

Q: Do you work with beginners?

Each client receives an experience designed specifically for their goals. I equally enjoy working with novice and advanced learners—I will meet you where you are. Using your real project needs, I can teach you how to approach designing your organization and your strategic moves—no matter your background.

Q: Can you work with me last minute?
(Help! I have an engagement coming up soon and I need support right away.)
(Yikes! I just … watched a video of my pitch / listened to my radio interview / read my feedback … and realize I need to do some development ASAP.)

Yes, please reach out and let’s discover if the timing will line up. I hope so!

Q: I have some questions about whether this kind of work is right for me or my team. How do I find out more?

Reach out here with your questions first. For all the fine details, let’s then talk about how I could help you with your custom needs.

Q: How is working with you different from other business consultants?

My services are rooted in practicality, science, results, intuition and imagination, and good natured humor and love. My methods are truly unique because of my creativity with people, multi-cultural perspective, and cross-functional business prowess. I enjoy helping people approach goals from a skill-building frame of mind.

I consider myself a teaching consultant because I believe it’s important to always begin with the why. My goal is to empower you with the framework, knowledge and tools to carry on successfully. I provide sound advice for real people doing important work, and that lights me up!