Client Success Stories

  • Jane C., NPO Director “Perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways about working with Natalie is that not only was she personally joyful to work with, but she was equally balanced with a data and results-driven mindset. Easily fluctuating between what could be called “right and left brain” strengths seems to be a very important skill which no doubt will serve Natalie and her future business endeavors.

    Additionally, Natalie offered us additional consultation on a foundation grant which we wrote for and received. Natalie’s professional writing is clear and compelling and we were grateful to benefit from her go-getting attitude and skills.”

  • Katie T., Entrepreneur “I cannot rave enough about how helpful Natalie was in organizing my professional goals with my life balance. She is professional, incredibly personable, and makes it easy to see the big picture, yet not ignoring the details.

    Natalie uses visual tools and language that a non-B-school person can understand, which was super helpful and I can refer back to it and not say to myself, ‘now what does that mean, again?’”

  • David N., Entrepreneur “Natalie understands artists, because she is one. She gets your creative self, because she has been in the trenches with you. But she also has the experience and the vantage point to guide you toward an expression of your best self.

    I am grateful for her work with me, which gave me insights that really resonated with me and clear actions I could take to better understand my life goals and steps to achieve them.”


  • Erin M., Entrepreneur “Natalie delivered her insight thoughtfully and everyone felt comfortable exploring new exercises. The group work was stellar—participants had fun in addition to learning lots of great information. I’d book her again for a masterclass in a heartbeat!"

  • Linda A., Entrepreneur "She was able to get students to 'think outside the box' and make learning fun. Her words were instructive, kind and gracious, which promoted a secure environment for learning.” 

  • April D., Entrepreneur "Natalie was encouraging, challenging, and engaging. My students came away with specific ideas for improvements to their vocal approach."


  • Teri D., Educator “She explained things to me in a way that made more sense than any way I had been taught before. She was very observant and intuitive, noticing what 'clicked' with me and what didn't."

  • Linfield College graduate "She utilizes a variety of creative exercises for mind, voice, and body to teach and enhance expression and technique. This balanced structure is challenging and engaging."

  • Willamette University graduate "Above all else, she is engaged, energetic, and as her student, you never have any doubt of her dedication to helping you improve."

  • Portland State University graduate “Natalie understands how to work with me. She makes me feel comfortable so that I can take risks, but she also sets high standards for me so that I am always working and moving forward."



  • Molly L., Theater Artist: Actor, Director, Teacher "She was always prepared and ready to jump into the work at hand. Natalie has great self-awareness and is highly inquisitive."

  • Liz B., Small Business Owner “If you have the opportunity to work with Natalie Gunn, TAKE IT.”