I am a creative strategist and communications specialist ready to help you define your needs, develop your voice, and make an action plan for achieving your leadership goals.

STRATEGY & Innovation



My MBA uniquely complements my Masters in Voice.

I have great experience developing people and programs, and I can sense social, tonal and visual nuance as richly as language itself.

I help people grow self-awareness and craft in delivering their voices. I provide valuable communication feedback, heaps of encouragement, and structured skill-building. This work leads to meaningful learning and impactful leadership.



You have a lot to say. I can help you develop actionable plans to get clarity on your ideas, confidence in your values, needs and priorities, elevating your authentic communications.

you are …

  • Giving a keynote speech

  • Touring your book

  • Doing a podcast

  • Moving into a more client facing role

  • Negotiating value

  • Preparing for an interview, panel discussion, or opportunity to talk about yourself and your work

  • Running for office

  • Presenting your research

  • Designing workshops or trainings

  • Pitching to investors

  • Fundraising for an organization

  • Growing your leadership prowess

  • Starting a company or re-branding

I have a rich background on both sides of the curtain—in multiple senses, both in the theater and in the metaphor of life. I specialize in strategic transformation and lead with empathy and service. From my experience producing and managing shows, I know how to run a productive meeting, satisfying rehearsal, and how to creatively organize multi-dimensional projects. My expertise extends to organizational strategy, experiential learning environments, and cross-cultural communications.

Learn more about what it’s like to work with me and my unique brand of creative insights, and read client success stories:

"Natalie is an inspiration. She utilizes a variety of creative exercises for mind, voice, and body to teach and enhance expression and technique.”